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Heatmiser neoStat v2 – Programmable Thermostat


The Heatmiser neoStat v2 is a 230v programmable thermostat featuring illuminated touch keys. The neoStat v2 can be configured to work as a programmable thermostat or as a timer- so if you want to take control of your towel rails, or lighting – Neo offers you this and more!

When paired to the neoHub G2 (sold separately) you can control your heating from anywhere. neoStat v2 is wired to the heating appliance/zone valve whilst communicating with the neoHub G2 via wireless Mesh technology, greatly improving the network range when compared with traditional RF systems.

Wireless Air Sensor & Door Contact Function – neoHub G2 required

When paired to the neoHub G2, you can use the wireless air sensor to measure the temperate remotely from the neoStat v2 or to take an average temperature in a larger room. You can also have the heating turn off whenever a window or door is opened with the use of the door contact switch.

Available in delivery or click&collect

EX. VAT: £49.99


  • Stunning design
  • White Back light with Proximity sensor
  • Illuminated soft touch keys with Proximity sensor
  • User Selectable Operating Mode: 1) Non Programmable 2) Weekday/Weekend 3) All days different. 4) All days the same
  • 5 Minute Program Intervals
  • 0.5C Set Temp (eg 20.5C)
  • Self Learning Optimum Start
  • 4 Comfort Levels per Day  (Option for 6 when paired to neoHub G2)
  • Temperature Hold Facility
  • Holiday Facility
  • Automatic White Back Light (Turns off after 30 seconds)
  • Flush Mounting
  • C/F Selectable
  • Key Code Facility
  • Frost Protection
  • Compatible with 10K, 12K, 15K NTC Floor Probes

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