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Heatmiser Wireless Air Sensor


With this new addition, your Neo system is now even smarter. The wireless air sensor allows you to measure the temperature from a single wireless air sensor or multiple sensors if you are looking to average the temperature over a larger area.

Wireless Air Sensor pairs to the neoHub G2 using the Android or iOS apps. Once linked, you can decide how the system will operate;

  • Monitoring – This allows you to simply measure the temperature in another area of your home.
  • Pair to Zone – This allows you to pair the sensor to a neoStat you already have setup in your system.

If you select Pair to Zone, you now have 2 options.

  • Averaging – If you select this option, the thermostat will average the temperature with the internal sensor in the thermostat.
  • Remote Only – If you select this option, the internal sensor will be turned off and the remote sensor will become the air sensor for the zone selected. If you then pair additional remote sensors, they system will then give an averaged reading.

Available in delivery or click&collect

EX. VAT: £10.99


Range: 40 meters open space. Please note the wireless sensor pairs directly to the neoHub G2 and does not benefit from the mesh network. Therefore you may require additional neoPlug or Boosts to extend the signal around your home.

RF Frequency: 868MHz

IP Protection: IP20

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