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Warmup DCM-PRO 0.73m² Peel and Stick V3 Mat

SKU: DCM-PS-0.73




The Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat is an advanced solution for protecting tiled floors while offering convenience and efficiency in installation. This innovative decoupling membrane is designed to absorb lateral subfloor movements, effectively safeguarding the tiled floor finish from potential cracks.

One of the standout features of the Warmup DCM-PRO is its self-adhesive underside, which eliminates the need for an additional adhesive layer during installation. This peel-and-stick membrane attaches directly to the subfloor, saving valuable time and effort. With no adhesive layer required, the installation process becomes significantly faster and more straightforward.

The dimensions of the membrane are precisely tailored for easy sizing. Each 2m² section of the membrane perfectly accommodates 2m² of heating cable, ensuring optimal coverage and power distribution. For added flexibility, the spacing of the cable can be adjusted to increase or decrease the coverage area and power output. Installation is tool-free, allowing you to effortlessly position the heating cable within the membrane’s castellations by hand. The Warmup DCM-PRO Peel & Stick V3 Mat offers versatility in application. It can be tiled directly onto the membrane, providing a secure and durable surface. Alternatively, when used with other floor finishes that are certified for use with underfloor heating, the membrane can be covered with a layer of self-levelling compound. This compatibility allows for various design options and ensures optimal performance with different types of floor finishes. Experience the benefits of Warmup DCM-PRO, from its unique decoupling technology for floor protection to its time-saving peel-and-stick installation method. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional installer, this advanced membrane provides peace of mind and exceptional efficiency when it comes to underfloor heating projects. Enjoy the convenience, reliability, and durability that Warmup DCM-PRO brings to your tiled floor installations.

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  • Colour Red
  • Coverage 0.75m²
  • Dimensions (L) 741 mm x (W) 985 mm
  • Guarantee 30 Years
  • Width 985mm
  • Length 741mm
  • Material Polypropylene
  • Membrane Packaging Types Each
  • Thickness 5.5mm
  • Unspsc V1840101840
  • Weight 1kg

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