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Ovia Inceptor Milli OXM-W


Introducing the Inceptor Milli, an innovative range of fire rated domestic downlights that seamlessly blend style and functionality. Take control of your downlights with the option to switch the wattage and colour temperature to suit the atmosphere of any room. Ensure an easy installation with our pre-fitted Flow connectors.

Available in delivery or click&collect

EX. VAT: £8.89


  • The downlight is colour selectable – 3 colours
  • Wattage selectable – 4w and 6.4w
  • Features a twist up top so you can run insulation directly over it
  • IP65
  • Has the click flow as standard with loop out
  • Includes a wider bezel to cover any damage on install

Frequently asked questions

Mains voltage downlights are recessed ceiling lights that operate directly on the main electrical supply voltage (230V in the UK), without needing a transformer.

Mains voltage downlights run directly on the household mains electricity supply (230V), while low voltage downlights (typically 12V) require a transformer to step down the voltage.

Mains voltage downlights are simpler to install as they do not require a transformer, tend to have a longer lifespan due to fewer components, and can be more cost-effective overall.

Mains voltage downlights commonly use GU10 bulbs, available in halogen or LED versions. LED GU10 bulbs are preferred due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

For bathroom use, downlights should have an IP rating appropriate for the zone they are installed in. Typically, an IP44 rating is sufficient for zones 1 and 2, while IP65 or higher is recommended for areas directly exposed to water jets.

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