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230V IP65 GU10 35W Lightweight Stainless Steel Adjustable Wall Light


230V IP65 GU10 35W Lightweight Stainless Steel Adjustable Wall Light

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  • Stainless Steel Grade 304
  • Mains Single
  • Adjustable Wall Light.
  • GU10 35W lamp (not supplied with fitting)
  • Electrical termination via 10 Amp internal connector block at base
  • Light 1mm gauge
  • Surface mounted wall light
  • Dimmable

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Frequently asked questions

There are various types of wall lights, including sconces, uplights, downlights, picture lights, and adjustable or swing-arm lights. Each type serves a different purpose and design aesthetic.

Wall lights can be used in various settings, including living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces. They are versatile and can provide both functional and decorative lighting.

Consider the purpose (ambient, task, or accent lighting), style and design to match your décor, the light output (lumens), and whether you need features like dimmability or adjustability.

Many wall lights are dimmable, but you need to ensure that both the light fixture and the bulb used are compatible with dimmer switches. Check the product specifications for dimmability.

The height for installing wall lights depends on their purpose. Generally, wall lights should be mounted about 5 to 6 feet above the floor. For bedside lights, they should be installed at a comfortable reading height.

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