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Triplexed TV /FM DAB/ SAT TV Outlet Module 50 x 50mm – Black


Fully screened Satellite, TV and FM DAB aerial outlet. Low loss, minimal ingress and negligible module cross talk with excellent matching and isolation.

  • Fully screened to EN 50083-2.
  • Easy cable connections and access.
  • Suitable for cables with 1mm conductor (PF100, H109F, QF100, etc.).
  • Min mounting depth 35mm.
  • Size: 50 x 50mm

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  • Finish Black
  • IP20

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Weight 0.088 kg

Frequently asked questions

Euro modules are modular components that fit into standard faceplates, allowing for a customizable selection of electrical outlets, data ports, and other connectors.

Grid switches are modular switches that fit into a grid system, allowing for a customizable arrangement of switches within a single faceplate.

Grid switches come in various types, including light switches, dimmer switches, key switches, fused connection units, and indicator modules.

There are various types of Euro modules, including power outlets, USB ports, HDMI connectors, RJ45 data ports, audio connectors, and blanking plates.

Yes, one of the main benefits of Euro modules is the ability to mix different types to create a customized configuration in a single faceplate.

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