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Metal Clad 13A 1G DP Switched Socket

SKU: MR7000

Heavy duty metal clad box. Durable powder coated surface.

  • 13A rated
  • Switched socket
  • Double Pole
  • Complete with back box
  • Certified to BS 1363-2
  • Supplied in Knightsbridge polybag

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  • IP20
  • Primary Voltage 230V 50Hz

Additional information

Weight 0.222 kg

Frequently asked questions

Metal-clad switches and sockets are electrical accessories encased in a metal housing, typically made of steel or aluminum. They offer enhanced durability and a higher level of protection compared to standard plastic switches and sockets.

They are commonly used in industrial environments, workshops, garages, and commercial buildings where durability and resistance to mechanical damage are important. They can also be used in domestic settings where a more robust solution is preferred.

Durability: They are resistant to impact and mechanical damage, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Aesthetics: They have a modern and industrial look that can complement contemporary interior designs.

Safety: The metal casing provides additional protection against electrical faults and reduces the risk of fire.

Yes, metal-clad switches and sockets designed for outdoor use are available. They are weatherproof and have appropriate IP ratings (Ingress Protection) to withstand exposure to moisture and dust.

Metal-clad switches and sockets are typically available in brushed steel or polished chrome finishes. These finishes offer a sleek appearance and are easy to clean.

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