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60mm Bi-metal Holesaw


Bi-metal holesaw , 90mm overall diameter with 4/6 TPI Bi-metal variable teeth. Suitable for cutting steel, stainless steel, die cast metals, hardwood floors, plywood and plastics. Cutting depth of 38mm.
For products requiring a 90mm cut out. For use with arbor HSARBORL. Suitable for use with LEDM08, MD03B, MD03W, MD03C, ME04B, ME04C, ME04W, SK005, SK006

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  • Finish Yellow
  • Construction Steel

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Weight 0.176 kg

Frequently asked questions

A holesaw is a circular cutting tool used to create holes in various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and masonry. It consists of a cylindrical saw blade with sharp teeth and is typically used with a power drill.

An arbor is a shaft or spindle that holds a holesaw and attaches to a drill. It provides a means to secure the holesaw and includes a pilot bit to guide the saw during cutting.

The cutting depth of a holesaw is determined by its height. Most standard holesaws have a depth of around 25-50mm. For deeper cuts, you may need to use an extension or a special deep-cut holesaw.

Choose the holesaw size based on the diameter of the hole you need to cut. Sizes typically range from small (e.g., 14mm) to large (e.g., 152mm or more). Measure the diameter of the object or fitting that will go through the hole to select the appropriate size.

Yes, as long as the thread size matches. Many arbors are designed to fit a range of holesaws, making them versatile tools.

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