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IP20 24V 12W LED Driver – Constant Voltage


IP20 24V 12W LED Driver – Constant Voltage

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24V 12W Constant voltage driver

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Frequently asked questions

An LED driver is an electrical device that regulates the power to an LED or a string of LEDs. It is necessary to provide a constant current or voltage to ensure the LEDs function correctly and efficiently, preventing damage from power fluctuations.

There are two main types of LED drivers: constant current drivers and constant voltage drivers. Constant current drivers supply a steady current to the LEDs, while constant voltage drivers provide a steady voltage.

To choose the right LED driver, consider the power requirements of your LEDs, including the voltage and current ratings. Also, consider the total wattage, the environment (indoor or outdoor), and any additional features like dimming capabilities.

No, the LED driver must match the specifications of the LED light. Using the wrong driver can result in insufficient power, overheating, or damage to the LEDs.

Constant current drivers maintain a fixed current and vary the voltage based on the load, suitable for LEDs rated by current (e.g., 350mA, 700mA). Constant voltage drivers maintain a fixed voltage (e.g., 12V, 24V) and are used for LEDs designed to operate at that specific voltage.

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