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Fike Twinflex Multipoint ASD Detector with Sounder – 204-0001

SKU: 204-0001

Using the ASD Multipoint detector with sounder and/or strobe as part of the TWINFLEXpro 2-wire fire alarm system means that when a detector is wired in, so is an optional sounder, with no extra wiring required. This greatly reduces the number of points that need to be installed – and the time it takes to install! In fact, with the TWINFLEXpro exclusive 2-wire design, installation savings can be as high as 40%. Multipoint offers 7 different modes of detection, which means one device can suit multiple applications. Whatever type of detection is required, it can be selected with an easy flick of a switch at the time of commissioning.

Sounders can be run on the same pair of wires as detectors and/or call points
No extra devices needed for audible warning
Can differentiate between call point, smoke and heat alarms
Two sound volumes easily selectable by dil switch

Using patented, advanced optical scatter sensor design and sophisticated electronic technology, Fike delivers reliable smoke and/or heat detection significantly reducing the risk of nuisance fire alarms.

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EX. VAT: £54.80


  • 7 modes of fire detection including combined smoke/heat
  • Optional built-in sounder and/or strobe in a single device
  • Self-calibrates every 6 hours
  • Continuously monitors for dust contamination
  • Easily removable for maintenance at height

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