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SKU: ASPK500 F 30

Excalibur – ASPK500/F – 5W 240V 3000K IP65 LED Spike Luminaire With Anti- Glare Cowl Included

  • Halogen Style Lens
  • Supplied with Spike
  • Cast Aluminium Body
  • Pre-flexed to 2m of Cable
  • Inter-changeable Colour Filters Included

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EX. VAT: £19.43


  • Finish black
  • Operating Voltage 220-240V
  • Lumens ≤380lm
  • Material Cast Aluminium Body
  • Consumption 5W
  • Operating Temperature -20~+40°C

Frequently asked questions

Garden lights come in various types, including solar-powered lights, mains-powered lights, low-voltage lights (12V), and LED lights. Each type has its advantages in terms of energy efficiency, cost, and ease of installatio

Yes, garden lights are safe when installed and maintained correctly. It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions, especially for mains-powered lights, to avoid electrical hazards.

In most cases, garden lights do not require planning permission if they are not part of a larger development project. However, if you live in a listed building, conservation area, or there are specific local regulations, you may need to check with your local planning authority.

Quality garden lights are designed to withstand typical UK weather conditions, including rain and frost. However, it’s advisable to choose lights with an appropriate IP (Ingress Protection) rating for outdoor use.

Placing lights strategically along pathways, around flower beds, or near features like trees or water features can enhance aesthetics and safety. Consider how different lighting angles and intensities can create ambiance and highlight key garden elements.

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