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Eaton MEM Type B Incomer 125A TPSN Switch Disconnector

Eaton MEM Type B Incomer 125A TPSN Switch Disconnector

Brand: Eaton

Product Code: EBMS1253N

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Eaton’s Memshield 3 MCB distribution boards have evolved through an intimate knowledge and feedback from electrical contractors, consulting engineers and end users to provide solutions to a wide range of electrical distribution applications in commercial buildings. Memshield 3 delivers safe, reliable and high performance protection of electrical power distribution systems. Type B distribution boards are fully type tested with a conditional short circuit rating of 25kA to BS EN 61439. Associated devices are high performance MCBs, developed for commercial and industrial applications, dual rated at 10kA IEC – 60898 & 15kA IEC 60947-2 in B, C or D curve. A wide range of accessories including full profile blanking modules for unused MCB ways and door locking options, enhance electrical safety, whilst clean earth kits improve versatility of the range.

The most popular choice will be the 125A switch disconnector incomer option, but other choices include a 4-pole TPSN, 2P SPSN, a range of RCCB switches and a contactor controlled incomer with switch disconnector for remote control of the supply to the board. A direct connection option is also available for applications that do not require local isolation.


  • 4 Pole incomer for Memshield 3 Type B Distribution Boards.
  • Switch Disconnector
  • Cable Capacity 50mm
  • Triple Pole with Switched Neutral
  • 125A incomer options for type B distribution boards
  • Colour / Finish: White

Additional Information

    Memshield 3 Type B Incomer 125A TPSN Switch Disconnector
    • Current125 A

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