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Ceiling mounted occupancy sensor with built in smart, time conditional features and light sensing.

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A ceiling mounted occupancy sensor which communicates over the Rako Wired network. Different output actions at different times of day and other conditional functions via “Hub manage mode” A WK-HUB is required for programming and function of the WK-PIR. Occupancy/absence detection with built in light sensor for light dependent operation.

Frequently asked questions

Rako is a smart lighting control system that allows you to manage and automate your lighting using smart devices like smartphones, tablets, or dedicated controllers. It offers flexibility in controlling individual lights or entire lighting scenes throughout your home or business.

Benefits include enhanced ambiance with customizable lighting scenes, energy efficiency through dimming and scheduling, convenience with remote access and automation, and potential integration with other smart home devices and systems.

Rako systems use wireless communication protocols like RF (radio frequency) and wired Ethernet connections to connect lighting controls with a central hub. This hub then interfaces with your smart devices through an app or can be controlled via dedicated controllers.

Yes, Rako systems support integration with popular smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and others. This allows you to control your lighting alongside other smart devices in your home using voice commands or automated routines.

Yes, Rako systems are compatible with a wide range of LED bulbs and fixtures. They are designed to provide smooth dimming capabilities and support various types of lighting technologies commonly used in homes and commercial settings.

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