TIS 870 Digital Circuit Breaker Finder & Socket

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The TIS 870 features the very latest technology in fuse/breaker location. The advanced microprocessor locates the fuse / breaker with pin-point accuracy by using the very latest second pass technology. Simply plug the transmitter into the circuit to test then pass the receiver over the fuses / breakers. You will hear several tones on various breakers, etc. Then pass over them for a second time when only one of the fuse /
breakers will cause the tis 870 to light up,indicating by tone which is protecting the circuit under test. The TIS 870 also features a non contact voltage tester and the transmitter also acts as a socket tester with “buzzer“.


Special Functions
Quickly, Easily and Accurately Idintifies the Fuse/BreakerBuilt-in Non Contact Voltage Test
Fully Automatic Operation
Very Latest 2nd Pass Technology
Rugged Design Complete with Carrying Case
Two Part Kit: Transmitter and Receiver Lifetime Warranty
Verifies presence of AC Voltage
Can Locate Breaks in Cables
Buzzer and LED Indication

Power 1 x 9V MN1604 Battery
Weight 95g
Size 175mm x 45mm x 30mm

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