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Lampholder, MR16


  • Requires a LV electronic transformer
  • 50W GU5.3 MR16 reflector (bulb not included)
  • H: 15mm W: 15mm L: 160mm
  • Class 3
  • 2YR Warranty
  • Weight: 0 Kg

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EX. VAT: £0.69


Lampholder to fit MR16 lamps.

  • Dimmable
  • Unglazed ceramic
  • Constructed from ceramic

Frequently asked questions

Fire Hoods: Used to maintain the fire rating of a ceiling when installing downlights.

Converter Plates: These are used when replacing larger light fittings with smaller downlights to cover up the existing hole.

Mounting Rings: Provide a neat finish and secure installation for downlights, especially in plasterboard ceilings.

Connectors: Quick-connect wiring solutions to simplify the installation process and ensure secure electrical connections.

Dimmers: Compatible dimmer switches for adjusting the brightness of dimmable downlights.

Insulation Guards: Ensure safe installation by preventing insulation from covering the downlight and causing overheating.

A fire-rated downlight has an integrated fire barrier to maintain the fire integrity of a ceiling in case of a fire. They are necessary in ceilings that need to comply with building regulations, which often include multi-storey buildings or certain residential areas. Fire-rated downlights help prevent the spread of fire and smoke through the ceiling void, protecting both property and lives.

For low voltage downlights, you need to select a transformer that matches the power requirements of your lights. Key considerations include:

  • Voltage Rating: Ensure the transformer matches the voltage rating of your downlights, typically 12V.
  • Wattage: The total wattage of the connected downlights should not exceed the transformer’s maximum wattage rating.
  • Type: Electronic transformers are more common and offer more efficiency, while magnetic transformers are more robust and can handle higher loads.

Yes, there are several smart accessories available for controlling downlights, including:

  • Smart Dimmers: Allow you to control the brightness via smartphone apps or voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home.
  • Smart Switches: Replace standard wall switches to provide on/off control of downlights via smart home systems.
  • Smart Bulbs: Some downlights come with integrated smart LED bulbs that can be controlled remotely for colour changing, scheduling, and more.

Bezels and trims are used to enhance the appearance and functionality of downlights. Benefits include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in various finishes (chrome, white, black, etc.) to match decor.
  • Light Direction: Some trims help direct light more effectively.
  • Protection: Provide a neat finish and protect the downlight from dust and damage.

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