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Pitacs Red 4 Core 1.5mm² LSZH Fire Resistant Cable 100m Drum

SKU: FIRE4X1.5R100

Fire-resistant. Low smoke and fume. PH60 (60-minute rated).

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  • Fire Rated to 30 & 60mins
  • Red LSZH Sheathed Cable
  • Brown & Blue Cores with Bare Earth
  • Aluminium Foil Screen

Frequently asked questions

A heat alarm responds to temperature increases, while a smoke alarm detects smoke particles. Heat alarms are ideal for areas where smoke alarms might be triggered by cooking fumes or dust.

Install the Ei3014 in areas prone to rapid temperature increases but less likely to have significant smoke, such as kitchens, garages, and boiler rooms. Avoid installing it near vents, fans, or windows.

Test your alarm weekly by pressing the test button to ensure it is functioning correctly.

The Ei3014 Heat Alarm usually has a lifespan of around 10 years. Check the manufacturing date and replace the unit as recommended.

Fire cables are specially designed electrical cables that maintain circuit integrity for a specified duration during a fire, ensuring that critical systems like fire alarms and emergency lighting continue to operate.

They are crucial for maintaining the functionality of emergency systems during a fire, allowing for safe evacuation and coordination of firefighting efforts.

Fire cables must comply with standards such as BS 7629-1, BS 5839-1, BS 8519, and BS EN 50200, which specify the performance requirements for fire-resistant cables.

Fire cables should be used in all critical circuits, including fire alarm systems, emergency lighting, smoke extraction systems, and other emergency systems.

Yes, building regulations and fire safety standards mandate the use of fire-resistant cables in critical systems. Compliance with BS 5839-1 and other relevant standards is required.

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