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Pitacs 6242BH White 6mm² LSZH Twin & Earth Cable 50m Drum


Low smoke and fume harmonised twin and earth. Brown and blue cores.

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EX. VAT: £127.54


  • White PVC Sheathed Cable
  • LSZH
  • Brown & Blue Cores with Bare Earth
  • Solid Core Wire

Frequently asked questions

LSF twin and earth cables are electrical cables that have insulation and sheathing materials formulated to emit low levels of smoke and fumes when exposed to fire or high temperatures. They are designed to enhance fire safety in buildings by reducing the potential health hazards associated with smoke inhalation.

LSF twin and earth cables are suitable for use in applications where fire safety and reduced smoke emissions are a priority. Common uses include:

  • Residential Buildings: Particularly in areas where there are stringent fire safety regulations.
  • Commercial Buildings: Such as offices, schools, hospitals, and public spaces.
  • Sensitive Environments: Where smoke and fume emissions need to be minimized for safety and health reasons.

Advantages include:

  • Enhanced Safety: Low smoke and fume emissions can improve evacuation conditions during a fire, reducing the risk of smoke inhalation.
  • Compliance: LSF cables help meet fire safety regulations and standards, enhancing building safety certifications.
  • Versatility: They can be used in various indoor applications where standard twin and earth cables are typically installed.

LSF twin and earth cables are primarily designed for indoor use. For outdoor applications, special consideration should be given to environmental factors such as UV exposure and moisture resistance. In such cases, alternative cables with appropriate weatherproofing may be recommended.

During installation, LSF twin and earth cables should be handled and installed similarly to standard twin and earth cables. They should be routed and secured properly to prevent damage to the insulation and conductors. Termination should be done using suitable connectors or terminals designed for the cable type to ensure reliable electrical connections.

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