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Pitacs 3184Y White 4-Core 2.5mm² Flexible Cable 100m Drum

SKU: FLEX4X2.50R100

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EX. VAT: £173.08


  • White PVC Sheathed Cable
  • Brown, Black, Grey & Green/Yellow Cores
  • 32 Strands Per Core
  • Suitable for Heating Controls

Frequently asked questions

Four-core flex cable is an electrical cable consisting of four conductors (cores) usually made of copper, each insulated and sheathed together. It is designed to provide flexibility and is commonly used in applications requiring multiple connections or control signals.

Four-core flex cable is used in various applications, including:

  • Control Systems: For transmitting signals and control currents in machinery and industrial equipment.
  • Portable Electrical Equipment: Such as power tools, portable lights, and appliances requiring multiple connections.
  • Data Transmission: In some cases, 4-core flex cables can be used for transmitting data signals along with power.

Four-core flex cables are available in different sizes and ratings, typically ranging from 0.75mm² to 2.5mm² for domestic and light industrial applications. The size and rating depend on the current-carrying capacity required for the specific application and the number of cores.

Key features of 4-core flex cable include:

  • Flexibility: Allows the cable to bend and move easily without damaging the conductors.
  • Insulation: Provides electrical insulation between the cores to prevent short circuits and ensure safety.
  • Sheathing: Offers additional protection and durability, especially in environments where the cable may be subject to mechanical stress or abrasion.
  • Multi-Core Configuration: Enables multiple connections or signals to be transmitted through a single cable assembly.

No, 4-core flex cable is generally not suitable for fixed wiring installations where cables are permanently enclosed within walls, conduits, or trunking. Fixed wiring requires cables with solid cores and appropriate insulation designed for permanent installation.

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