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MULTI-FIT PLUS DOWNLIGHT 65-205MM CUTOUT 950-1700LM 10W 15W 18W 3000K/4000K/6500K

The Multi-Fit Plus Downlight provides a solution for commercial and home use with the adaptability to provide a suitable fitting and a high-quality lumen and colour adjustable light to match your space. This downlight gives increased versatility with the options of 3 Colour Temperatures (CCT); Warm White, Cool White, and Daylight and a Variable Wattage (Light Output) giving a range of nine lumen outputs from 950lm to 1550lm (Switches are located on the rear of the unit). A configurable cut-out size from 65 to 205mm with a surface mount option provides installation flexibility. The integrated driver eliminates visible flicker, and a frosted diffuser delivers a uniform light.

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  • Colour Change Temperature 3000K/4000K/6500K
  • Wattage (Light Output) Variable
  • Adjustable cut-out 65-205mm
  • Surface mountable
  • Frosted polycarbonate

Frequently asked questions

Bulkhead lights are robust, durable lighting fixtures typically used for outdoor and industrial applications. They are commonly installed in areas such as corridors, stairwells, garages, warehouses, and exterior walls.

Yes, many bulkhead lights are designed for outdoor use and come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that indicates their resistance to dust and water. For outdoor applications, look for lights with an IP65 rating or higher.

Bulkhead lights can use various types of bulbs, including LED, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs. LED bulkhead lights are popular due to their energy efficiency and long lifespan.

LED bulkhead lights offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, long lifespan, low maintenance, instant full brightness, and better environmental performance compared to traditional lighting options.

Bulkhead lights come in various styles, including round, oval, and rectangular shapes. They may have features like protective grilles, frosted lenses, or clear covers, catering to different aesthetic and functional requirements.

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