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Morgan – AGU501D/40 – 5.5W LED 4000K Dimmable GU10 Lamp with Diamondtec™ Lens

SKU: AGU501D/40

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  • High Efficiency
  • Retrofit Size for Replacing Halogen Lamps Latest Technology for Optimum Beam Angle
  • High Compatibility Dimming Performance
  • Slimline Lens
  • SMD LED Technology

Frequently asked questions

GU10 lamps are a type of halogen or LED bulb with a two-pin base. They are commonly used in spotlights and downlights in both residential and commercial settings.

Halogen GU10 lamps are less energy-efficient and have shorter lifespans compared to LED GU10 lamps. LED GU10s consume less power, produce less heat, and can last up to 25,000 hours or more.

LED GU10 lamps offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, longer lifespan, lower heat output, and a variety of colour temperature options. They also reduce electricity bills and maintenance costs.

GU10 lamps are available in various colour temperatures, including warm white (2700K-3000K), cool white (4000K-4500K), and daylight (5000K-6500K). The choice depends on the desired ambiance and application.

Consider the following factors: desired brightness (measured in lumens), colour temperature, beam angle (narrow for spotlights, wide for general lighting), and whether you need a dimmable option. Ensure the lamp’s power rating matches your fixture.

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