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Screwless 10AX 3 pole Fan Isolator Switch – Anthracite


Ideal for providing a safe and simple method of isolating fan units in en-suite bathrooms, family bathrooms, utility rooms, store rooms etc. Often the fan unit will be wired into the lighting circuit for convenience and efficiency. With this kind of installation there is often a need to leave the lighting circuit live whilst isolating the fan for maintenance. Flawless Screwless low profile metal design with matching metal rocker.

  • 10AX rated
  • Triple Pole
  • Screwless low profile design with built in gasket
  • Rated conditional short circuit current (Inc) 1500A
  • Certified to EN 60669-1, EN 60669-2-4
  • Minimum mounting box 16mm

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  • Finish Anthracite
  • IP20
  • Primary Voltage 230V 50Hz

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Frequently asked questions

A fan isolator is a switch specifically designed to isolate an electrical fan from the mains supply. This allows for safe maintenance and servicing of the fan without the risk of electrical shock.

Fan isolators are typically used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings where extractor fans are installed, such as:

  • Bathrooms: For isolating extractor fans.
  • Kitchens: For isolating cooker hood fans.
  • HVAC Systems: For isolating ventilation and air conditioning fans.

Safety: They ensure that the electrical supply to the fan is completely disconnected, allowing safe maintenance and repair.

Compliance: They help meet electrical safety regulations and standards, which often require isolating switches for fixed electrical appliances.

Yes, fan isolators must comply with the requirements of BS 7671 (the IET Wiring Regulations). The regulations mandate that fixed appliances such as extractor fans must have a means of isolation for safe servicing and maintenance.

Single Pole Isolators: Disconnect the live (phase) wire only.

Double Pole Isolators: Disconnect both the live (phase) and neutral wires, providing a more secure isolation.

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