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Screwless 115V/230V Dual Voltage Shaver Socket – Matt Black


Perfect upgrade to any bathroom, dual voltage shaver socket, flawless Screwless low profile metal design.

  • 115/230VAC 20VA
  • IP41
  • Dual Voltage Shaver Socket
  • Screwless low profile design with built in gasket
  • Certified to EN 61558
  • Minimum mounting box depth: 47mm

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EX. VAT: £17.28

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  • Finish Matt Black
  • IP41
  • Primary Voltage 230V 50Hz

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg

Frequently asked questions

A shaver socket is a type of electrical outlet specifically designed to safely provide power to electric shavers, toothbrushes, and similar low-power devices. It typically includes a built-in isolating transformer to provide electrical isolation for safety.

Shaver sockets usually provide two voltage options: 230V (for European appliances) and 115V (for American appliances). These options are marked on the socket and are available simultaneously, allowing different devices to be plugged in.

Shaver sockets are used in bathrooms because they provide a safe way to use electrical devices in a wet environment. The built-in isolating transformer reduces the risk of electric shock.

Shaver sockets are designed for low-power devices such as electric shavers and toothbrushes. They should not be used for high-power appliances like hair dryers or straighteners, which can overload the socket and pose a safety risk.

While not mandatory, shaver sockets are a common and convenient feature in new bathroom installations. They provide a dedicated outlet for electric shavers and toothbrushes, which is often required by users.

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