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LED Dimmer for Flat and Triangular LED Strips


LED Dimmer with memory function for flat and triangular LED strips. Dimensions: L: 70mm x D: 12mm x W: 25mm

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  • Finish Black
  • Primary Voltage 24V DC

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Weight 0.07 kg

Frequently asked questions

A Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor detects infrared radiation (heat) emitted by objects and people. It is commonly used in motion-activated lighting and security systems.

Control gear refers to the components that regulate the electrical power supplied to a light source. It includes ballasts for fluorescent lamps, drivers for LEDs, and transformers for low-voltage lamps.

Control gear is essential for ensuring the correct operation of different types of lighting. It regulates voltage and current, provides starting voltage, and often includes features like dimming and protection against electrical surges.

PIR sensors work by detecting changes in infrared radiation in their field of view. When a warm object, like a person, moves within the detection area, the sensor triggers a response, such as turning on a light.

PIR sensors can be used in indoor and outdoor lighting, security systems, automatic doors, and energy-saving applications like controlling HVAC systems based on occupancy.

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