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Insulation Tape Black 19mm x 33m Rolls

SKU: Tape-black

Our electrical insulation tape is made from flame retardant, self-extinguishing PVC. The tape is ideal for most electrical insulation, binding and colour coding.

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A roll of electrical insulation tape measuring 19mm x 33m.

Frequently asked questions

Insulation tape, also known as electrical tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape used to insulate electrical wires and other materials that conduct electricity. It is essential for safety in electrical installations and repairs.

In the UK, insulation tape comes in various colours, often used to indicate the purpose or phase of the wiring:

Black: General insulation.

Red: Low voltage, phase A (typically live wire)

Blue: Neutral wire

.Green/Yellow Stripe: Earth (ground) wire.

Brown: Low voltage, phase B (typically live wire).

Grey: Low voltage, phase C (typically live wire).

White and other colours: Can be used for identifying specific purposes as needed.

Standard PVC insulation tape is generally not suitable for prolonged outdoor use as it can degrade with exposure to UV light and weather. For outdoor applications, use a tape specifically rated for outdoor use or UV-resistant tape.

Most PVC insulation tapes have a heat resistance up to around 80°C. For higher temperature applications, use heat-resistant tape such as silicone-based or special high-temperature rated insulation tape.

PVC (Vinyl) Tape: The most common type, flexible, and durable, used for general electrical insulation.

Rubber Tape: Self-fusing and offers superior insulation and moisture resistance, often used in higher voltage applications.

Fabric Tape: Often used in automotive applications for bundling wires due to its abrasion resistance.

Flame Retardant Tape: Designed to resist ignition and spread of fire, used in areas requiring enhanced fire safety.

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