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ALL LED Step PIR Stair Light Controller With Digital SPI Output


The Stair Light Controller offers seamless illumination management with its advanced features tailored for staircases. Its 32-step capacity, allowing 1A per step max, ensures comprehensive coverage for various staircase configurations. With two digital RGB SPI signal outputs, it effortlessly synchronises with up to 28 digital LED strip ICs, providing vibrant lighting effects. Programming becomes effortless thanks to the OLED display and three buttons, facilitating easy customisation. Users can choose from four LED strip modes, including white step, colour flow digital SPI, colour step digital SPI, and single colour steps + colour flow digital SPI mode. Moreover, adjustable colour, speed, and brightness settings allow for personalised ambiance. Enhanced functionality is ensured through two PIR sensors and a daylight sensor, offering automated lighting control. The option to integrate a retractive switch further enhances convenience, providing versatile control options. Overall, the Stair Light Controller combines versatility, ease of use, and advanced features to elevate staircase illumination to new heights.

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  • 2 x Digital RGB SPI Signal Output, Compatible With 28 Digital LED Strip ICs
  • Easy Programming With OLED Display
  • Integrated Rapid Self-Test Function
  • 4 Selectable LED Strip Modes
  • Adjustable Colour, Speed And Brightness Modes
  • 2 x PIR Sensors & Daylight Sensor, Option To Use A Retractive Switch
  • PIR Cut-out 20mm
  • Can Be Used With Constant Voltage Single Colour LED Strip Or Digital/SPI RGB Strip

Frequently asked questions

A Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor detects infrared radiation (heat) emitted by objects and people. It is commonly used in motion-activated lighting and security systems.

Control gear refers to the components that regulate the electrical power supplied to a light source. It includes ballasts for fluorescent lamps, drivers for LEDs, and transformers for low-voltage lamps.

Control gear is essential for ensuring the correct operation of different types of lighting. It regulates voltage and current, provides starting voltage, and often includes features like dimming and protection against electrical surges.

PIR sensors work by detecting changes in infrared radiation in their field of view. When a warm object, like a person, moves within the detection area, the sensor triggers a response, such as turning on a light.

PIR sensors can be used in indoor and outdoor lighting, security systems, automatic doors, and energy-saving applications like controlling HVAC systems based on occupancy.

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