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6943X BS5467 SWA PVC XLPE Armoured Cable 3 Core 16mm² 100m

Multi-core PVC cable with steel wire armour (SWA). Power and auxiliary control cables for use in power networks, underground, outdoor and indoor applications and in cable ducting.

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  • Armour Thickness 1.25mm
  • Armour Type XLPE/SWA/PVC
  • Colour Black Core
  • Colours Brown, Black and Grey
  • Cross Sectional Area 16mm²
  • External Diameter 21.6mm
  • Gland Size 25mm
  • Guarantee 1 Year
  • Insulation Type XLPE
  • Material XLPE Insulated, PVC Bedded, Steel Wire Armoured, PVC Sheathed
  • Number of Cores 3
  • Product Range PVC
  • Sheath PVC
  • Standards BS 5467 Unspsc V1826121629
  • Voltage Rating 600V 1000V

Frequently asked questions

SWA cables are electrical cables constructed with a galvanized steel wire armor layer surrounding the insulated conductors. The armor provides mechanical protection against physical damage, such as impact, compression, and abrasion, making SWA cables suitable for outdoor, underground, and industrial applications.

SWA cables are used in various applications, including:

  • Power Distribution: For carrying mains electricity from utility supply points to buildings and substations.
  • Outdoor Installations: Buried directly underground or in ducts where protection against moisture, mechanical damage, and rodent attack is required.
  • Industrial Settings: Such as factories, refineries, and industrial plants where robust cabling is necessary.

SWA cables typically consist of:

  • Conductors: Copper or aluminum conductors insulated with materials such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene).
  • Steel Wire Armor: A layer of galvanized steel wires wound helically around the insulated conductors, providing mechanical protection.
  • Outer Sheath: A PVC or LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) sheath that protects against moisture and environmental factors.

SWA cables are available in various sizes (cross-sectional area) and ratings to accommodate different current-carrying capacities and voltage levels. They range from small sizes used in domestic installations to larger sizes suitable for industrial power distribution.

Yes, SWA cables must comply with British Standards (e.g., BS 5467 for multicore cables, BS 6346 for single-core cables) and meet the requirements of BS 7671 (the IET Wiring Regulations). Compliance ensures cables are safe, reliable, and suitable for their intended applications.

Answer: SWA cable is a type of electrical cable with a galvanized steel wire armouring. This armouring provides mechanical protection, which allows the cable to withstand higher stresses, be buried directly, and be used in external or underground applications.

Answer: SWA cable is primarily used for:

  • Power distribution in industrial, commercial, and residential installations.
  • Underground installations.
  • External power supplies, such as garden lighting or outbuildings.
  • Harsh environments where mechanical protection is needed.

Answer: Yes, SWA cable is designed for outdoor use due to its robust mechanical protection and resistance to various environmental factors.

Answer: Yes, SWA cable is often used for direct burial without additional conduit due to its strong protective steel armour.

Answer: Factors include:

  • Cable size (cross-sectional area).
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Installation method (e.g., buried, in air, in conduit).
  • Grouping with other cables.
  • Thermal resistivity of the soil (for buried cables).

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