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1.8m E27 Vintage Pendant Set – Brushed Chrome 8271LBC

SKU: 8271LBC

Vintage style metal pendant lamp holder. Pre-wired to reduce time on installation.

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EX. VAT: £14.99


  • T2 rated 80W Incandescent /LED
  • E27 lamp base
  • 1.8m drop
  • Pre-wired – Ceiling rose base
  • Terminal capacity: 2 x 1.5mm²
  • Certified to BS EN 60598-2-1, BS EN 60598-1
  • Can be fitted with lampshade of 42mm internal ring diameter

Frequently asked questions

Pendant lights are a type of lighting fixture that hangs from the ceiling, typically suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials, making them versatile for different decor themes.

Pendant lights are used in various settings, including:

  • Kitchens: Often installed above kitchen islands or countertops for task lighting.
  • Dining Rooms: Positioned over dining tables to create a focal point and enhance ambiance.
  • Living Rooms: Used as accent lighting to highlight specific areas or decor.
  • Bedrooms: Can be used as bedside lighting or to add a decorative element.
  • Hallways and Entryways: To provide both functional lighting and aesthetic appeal.

The height at which pendant lights should be hung depends on the location and purpose:

  • Above Dining Tables: Typically 28-34 inches (70-86 cm) above the table surface.
  • Above Kitchen Islands: Generally 30-36 inches (76-91 cm) above the countertop.
  • Ceiling Height Considerations: For standard 8-foot (2.4-meter) ceilings, pendant lights should hang about 12-20 inches (30-50 cm) below the ceiling. For each additional foot of ceiling height, add 3 inches (7.5 cm) to the hanging height.

There are several types of pendant lights, including:

  • Mini Pendant Lights: Small fixtures often used in multiples for focused lighting.
  • Multi-Light Pendants: Featuring multiple lights on a single fixture, ideal for larger areas.
  • Drum Pendants: Cylindrical shades that provide diffused light.
  • Globe Pendants: Spherical lights that offer a modern aesthetic.
  • Industrial Pendants: Often made from metal, these provide a rugged, utilitarian look.

Pendant lights can accommodate various types of bulbs, including:

  • LED Bulbs: Energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • Incandescent Bulbs: Offer warm light but are less energy-efficient.
  • Halogen Bulbs: Provide bright, white light but can get very hot.
  • CFL Bulbs: More energy-efficient than incandescent but less so than LED.

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