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Lutron LRF3-OHLB-P-WH Hallway Occupancy Sensor

Lutron LRF3-OHLB-P-WH Hallway Occupancy Sensor

Lutron EA Ltd

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The Lutron wall-mounted hallway occupancy and vacancy sensors are wireless, battery-powered, passive infrared (PIR) sensors that automatically control lights via RF communication to compatible dimming or switching devices. These sensors detect the heat from people moving within an area to determine when the space is occupied. The sensors then wirelessly transmit the appropriate commands to the associated dimming or switching devices to turn the lights on or off automatically. They combine both convenience and exceptional energy savings along with ease of installation.

They are part of the Lutron TriPak range - they switch ON a room's lighting when it is occupied, and turn it OFF when it is unoccupied. It is a vertically mounted wireless sensor providing substantial energy saving without oversight. 

This occupancy / vacancy sensor can be connected with a PowPak dimming module (to dim the lights when the room is vacant) or with a daylight sensor (to light the room to different levels depending on the natural light in the room and when someone enters). This occupany sensor / vacancy sensor is great for any environment or space where people may forget to turn the lights off (a busy office, etc). 

Wireless Hallway Wall Mounted Wireless Sensor - Features

  • This wireless occupancy/vacancy sensor has 2 settings available: Auto-On/Auto-Off, and Manual-On/Auto-Off
  • Vacancy model meets CA Title 24 requirements
  • Passive infrared motion detection with exclusive Lutron XCTTM Technology for fine motion detection
  • Hallway model with long, narrow field of view: Major motion = coverage of up to 150 ft (45.7 m)
  • This hallway wireless sensor mounts directly to wall with mounting bracket (included). 
  • Designed to mount at the end of a hallway with a clear view down the length of a hall.
  • Detection at longer distances is best when motion occurs at right angles to the sensor.
  • Multiple sensors can be used to extend coverage.
  • Simple and intuitive adjustments available for Timeout, Activity, and Auto-On settings
  • Accessible test buttons make setup easy
  • Lens illuminates during test mode to verify ideal locations
  • Multiple sensors can be added for extended coverage; refer to product specification submittal of receiving device to determine system limits
  • 10-year battery life design
  • RoHS compliant
  • Compatible RF Devices: For use with Lutron products only; it communicates to various wireless Lutron Clear Connect systems. Can be used with other Lutron systems such as Rania RF, Grafik Eye and TriPak.

Lutron LRF3-OHLB-P-WH - Technical Specs

  • Frequency/Channel Code: 868.125 – 869.850 MHz 
  • CE marked (European Union)
  • Operating voltage: 3 V-
  • Operating current: 14 µA nominal
  • Requires one CR 123 lithium battery
  • 10-year battery-life design
  • Non-volatile memory (saved changes are stored during power loss)
  • Temperature: 32 °F to 104 °F (0 °C to 40 °C)
  • For indoor use only
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty. For additional Warranty information, please visit
  • RF Range: Distance between local load controls and sensor should not exceed 60 ft (18 m) line-of-sight or 30 ft (9 m) through walls.
  • Sensor Coverage Test: Dedicated test button, Lens illuminates orange in response to motion during test mode
  • Wireless Communication Test: Dedicated test button, Turn associated loads on and off
  • Timeout Options: 1 minute (Intended for use in high-activity, briefly-occupied areas only), 5 minutes, 15 minutes (default setting), 30 minute
  • Auto-On Options (Occupancy Versions Only): Enabled: Sensor turns lights ON and OFF automatically (default setting), Disabled: Lights must be turned ON manually from dimming or switching device. Sensor turns lights OFF automatically (There is a 15-second grace period that begins when the lights are automatically turned off, during which the lights will automatically turn back on in response to motion. This grace period is provided as a safety and convenience feature in the event the lights turn off while the room is still occupied, so that the user does not need to manually turn the lights back on. After 15 seconds, the grace period expires and the lights must be manually turned on.)
  • Sensitivity Options: Low Activity (default setting), Medium Activity, High Activity.

Note: For unconditioned environments where the air temperature may approach the temperature of the occupants, additional sensors will be needed to achieve the same coverage. This is true of any sensor that relies exclusively on passive infrared technology

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